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Cash Register "fresh"

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An extraordinary, visually modern cash register made of wood that makes shopping in the kids' play store even more realistic with its many accessories and functions! Accompanied by a hand scanner, paper receipt roll, monitor, scanning surface, debit cards and product cards, and double-sided wooden money pieces, this toy cash register fulfills all wishes. The highlights are the real calculator integrated into the monitor as well as the register drawer with two compartments that opens like a real supermarket till. Incl. wipe-away marker with integrated sponge, for signing on the plexiglass surface. Batteries not included.
Want to pay up like in a real supermarket? Then this toy cash register from the "fresh" product line belongs in every well-stocked play store! The stick-on scanning surface can be applied to an existing play store or another play surface. Playing "checkout" with this cash register trains the use of money, amounts, and prices, and the 15 money pieces are designed so that they can be used to practise beginner maths problems. The 5 double-sided food product cards also encourage kids to learn to count and do maths. For those who prefer typing or tapping instead of doing maths in their head, the prices for the purchased products can be entered into the keypad of the real, integrated calculator. The high-quality manufacturing from robust wood and plexiglass makes this play store cash register a real eye-catcher in the nursery that's sure to bring long-lasting playtime fun!

  • Plenty of accessories incl. hand scanner, tearable paper receipt roll, rotatable monitor, real calculator, bank cards,product cards, and 15 double-sided wooden money pieces
  • Large register drawer that opens up
  • Comes with 5 double-sided product cards that can be inserted into the top side of the monitor
  • An existing play store or play surface can be turned into a product scanning area in seconds thanks to the stick-on scanning surface
  • Incl. wipe-away marker for signing on the plexiglass surface when paying with a card
  • Playfully practise counting and maths with the aid of the money pieces and fruits/vegetables illustrations
  • High-quality production from solid wood and plexiglass, complements the "fresh" product line, and goes together well with many other products from the line
  • Simple, modern, Nordic design with lots of visible wood material

Dimensions: cash register approx. 19 x 21 x 18 cm,scanner approx. 3.5 x 4 x 11 cm
Material: wood, paper /cardboard, synthetic

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