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Plastilina Inteligente

Orange fluorescent Slime

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The Smart Slime is the new concept of the traditional playdough evolved to become a sensational, safe, fun and useful toy for all ages. She is intelligent, among other things, because she reacts according to the force acting on her. Stretch it gently as if it were a piece of gum, or throw it hard to the ground and it will bounce like a rubber ball. It's great! Ideal to combat stress and to use in rehabilitation sessions and exercises thanks to its texture and behavior.
Orange plasticine with beautiful sparkles of glitter, and if you expose it to the light it will glow in the dark. 
Soft Texture: It is the softest side of Smart Playdough. Soft, and so easy to shape that it will almost flow in your hands. Stretch it out like a piece of soft gum.