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Backpack Water Gun - Crab Mideer

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1) In line with the scientific capacity of the baby body, easy to carry.
2) 3cm wide shoulder strap, length adjustable, long back is not tired and not slippery shoulders
3) Direct firing: long-range shooting up to 5-8M; Scatter: Multipoint strikes cover a large area
4) The use of pull-out design, simple operation, can exercise the baby's hand muscles and brain coordination
5) Thickened silica gel ring + leakproof seal cover, double protection more secure, 360° watertight
6) Cute design
7) Anti-folding silicone tube, water pipe does not fold, water flow more smoothly
8) Anti-fall ABS material,Strong and ductile impact resistance
9) Smooth and polished care for hands; Pistol ""shape is easier to grip; Knob design is more convenient to add water