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Smartgames IQ Mini

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New in the IQ range: the IQ Mini by Smart Games. Mini size, maxi challenges! A pocket-size IQ puzzle ready to take with you wherever you go. Create your own challenges by moving the blockers and fill the board with your puzzle pieces. Challenge yourself, friends, and family for even more fun! Find extra challenges, hints, and all solutions online! Where will you be playing? Contents: 1 super compact game board with transparent lid, 6 colorful puzzle pieces. This game stimulates concentration, spatial insight and problem solving. How to play: Remove the 6 puzzle pieces. The ‘blockers’ remain attached to the game board. Create a challenge by shifting the blockers. Each blocker setup will result in a new challenge. Fill the empty spaces with all of the puzzle pieces. There is always at least 1 solution. Recommended Age: 6 years+

From 6 to 99 years

W100 x H30 x D100 mm.