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Ludi Aquacolor

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Great bath toy kit by Ludi comprising one big, floating mirror (sticks to side of bath) and 4 sturdy, water-resistant yet erasable crayons.

Skills acquired: Dexterity - Touch - Discovery All you need to let your child give free rein to their imagination and creativity with this bath toy kit! Check out the funny teddy bear mirror and its 4 sturdy, water-resistant yet erasable crayons.

Children will enjoy admiring themselves in the big mirror, watching how it reflects the light, seeing what’s going on around them, and so on. Everything’s back to front! Try using soap to give them a Mohican or a bubble bath beard – then stand back and listen to the giggles when they see themselves in the mirror!

The 4 crayons are of a good size – they are easy to hold and help children improve their dexterity. They’re sturdy and water-resistant, so they won’t melt if your child drops them in the bath.

Size of mirror: O 20 cm.

Size of pencils: 7 x 2.5 cm

Washing: Can be washed with lukewarm water and soap.

Drain toys after use and rinse.