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Curve Lab

Balance board, Perfect Arc, Curve Lab

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Wooden balance board (rockerboard) made in Greece. Great for development.

Why do you need a balance board?

It pumps gross motor skills, balance, spatial orientation.
This means that it trains the cerebellum - the fastest part of the brain, which, in addition to coordinating movements, is responsible for the development of:
🔅speaking and reading
🔅creative thinking
🔅ability to analyze and easily switch between tasks

balance board pumps all muscle groups.
Any age.

⚡️15 minutes a day on a rocker board is a full workout.
But children do not get off him for hours.

For them, a balance board is:
🌀 swings
and .. give your child a balance board and you can definitely complete this list.

Size 88*33 cm, when on the ground as a bridge the top part is at 180mm from the ground.

Age: 2 to 100 years.
Use weight: Up to 160 kilos.
Material - Low formaldehyde emissions plywood
water-based Coating.
Made in Greece.