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Curve Lab

Perfect Arc Felt Curve Lab

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Wooden balance board (rockerboard), felt or corc coated, made in Greece. The bottom of the board is covered with felt fabric to protect the floor and reduce slipping.

Why do you need a balance board?

It pumps gross motor skills, balance, spatial orientation.
This means that it trains the cerebellum - the fastest part of the brain, which, in addition to coordinating movements, is responsible for the development of:
🔅speaking and reading
🔅creative thinking
🔅ability to analyze and easily switch between tasks

balance board pumps all muscle groups.
Any age.

⚡️15 minutes a day on a rocker board is a full workout.
But children do not get off him for hours.

For them, a balance board is:
🌀 swings
and .. give your child a balance board and he or she will definitely complete this list.