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Svoora Pucketriple Game

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Α "3 in 1" board game-set with our favorite games Pucket, Dexterity and Snakes & Ladders for endless hours of entertainment! Stretch the rubber band and try to throw your pawns to the opponent's field or collect the most points by throwing them to the appropriate places on the board. Looking for more challenges? Turn the board upside down and continue playing the classic "Snake & Ladders"! A set of three games of alternations and challenges, which contributes to the socialization of the children, while teaching them how to play by rules and accept defeat. They also help develop hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, as well as spatial perception and problem solving skills. The wooden approach of the board-set perfectly combines the retro element with modern design trends, while recalling the good old days of simple and at the same time, fun-challenging games.