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Urban Villa Doll House

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This large wooden doll house with three floors and an open front side makes an impression with its richly detailed design and modern colour scheme. An eat-in kitchen and living room, a nursery, a bathroom, a bedroom and recessed balconies offer lots of open space for fantasy-filled playing. A staircase, a sliding door, opening windows, little nightstands with drawers and a real bell that serves to announce visitors together with the 12 pieces of furniture and many accessories make the fun of playing perfect.
This doll villa fits perfectly in any living room area or children's room area thanks to its bright outer facade and modern colour scheme. The open frontage side makes playing easier and also allows multiple children to play with the doll house at the same time. Suitable for dolls up to 12 cm.

  • Large, stable wooden doll house with a richly detailed design both inside and outside
  • Ample furniture made of plastic with wooden details for realistic playing
  • A real bell that rings, sliding door, openable windows, nighstands with drawers
  • Open front side makes playing easier
  • 3 floors connected by two staircases
  • 5 rooms and balcony provide space for imaginative play
  • The bright outer facade and modern colour scheme

Dimensions:approx. 63 x 32 x 76 cm, double bed approx. 14 x 13 x 11 cm
Material:wood, fabric/ cloth/ textiles, plastic, other
Contents:1 house, 1 armchair, 1 sofa, 1 coffee table, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 loft bed, 1 toilet, 1 bathtub, 1 bed, 2 bedside tables

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