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Viga train set (90pcs)

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This 90 pcs train set consists of not only a morden passenger train, but also a beautiful cargo train. It also includes many farm house blocks that contains farm animals, a farmer, many trees and bushes as well as many city blocks, like a fire station, a police station, a school, a grocery store, a fire fighter, a police man, a fire truck, a police car, a school bus, and some traffic signs. The train set can be built to many different rail shapes with imagination. Besides, children can also build their favorite farm, on which they can raise various farm animals. An educational toy set that can teach kids different roles of different jobs, as well as various traffic rules in city. While building this train set, children's hand-eye coordination and motor skills can be perfectly practiced.

From 3 to 8 years

W470 x H490 x D85 mm.