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Princess Mid Set

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Castles, high heels, unicorns, crowns, diamond rings, beautiful dresses, and wands!!! What every Princess dreams of!! Oooh what to make first, they are all so pretty!! And then to finish off, add the sparkly gems.. some bling!

A mid-pack of healthy creative play contents:
⭐ 4 x 90gr tubs of Wonderdough
⭐ set of mini princess dough cutters
⭐ mini dough squasher & mini sculpting tool
Used Natural Food Dyes:
Wonderdough is made with natural dyes, no synthetic preservatives and food grade ingredients. Some colours may fade and look a bit dull, or even sometimes there is some crystalisation due to the salt, it just needs a good knead and it will return to it's original colour.
Wonderdough - You-Knead-Me!! :))

Note: No gems or googly eyes

Our dough cutters and tools are all 3d printed using PLA bioplastic. Colours may vary slightly to those shown in the photos.